How Strong Are Bed Bugs?

If you have found bedbugs in your house or apartment, you need to take immediate action. To begin with, you need to inspect the furniture and your bed for signs of the infestation. Then, you can decide whether to treat the infestation yourself or hire a professional pest control company. In either case, it is best to contact your landlord or a pest control company that specializes in bedbug control.

If you find bedbugs in your home, you can usually spot them by looking for rust-colored spots on walls and bedding. You may also notice blood spots and shed skins. Infested areas might also smell acridly. Fortunately, there are several effective treatments for bedbugs available.

Bedbugs are oval, wingless insects that are one-tenth of an inch long. They are flattened and have well-developed antennae. Their tiny compound eyes are located at the back of their heads. The pronotum, the area behind the head, is covered with numerous small hairs. The immature stage is called a nymph and is smaller in size (one-tenth to one-fifth inch), has a thinner outer skeleton and a lighter yellow-white color.

Infested items should be disposed of. If there is a heavy infestation, consider having the items cleaned or dry-cleaned. This will kill the eggs and larval stage of the bedbugs. However, these treatments are more expensive than the conventional ones.

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