Are Bed Bugs Really Fast?

Bedbugs cannot fly, but they do crawl at a rapid pace. They can cover three to four feet per minute on a smooth surface. Their body is very low, so they can easily tuck themselves into crevices. This makes them a difficult pest to catch and control.

A typical infestation of bedbugs can spread through a home over several months. While the infestation can start slowly and can be controlled in a few weeks, the bugs are known to multiply rapidly over time. Within six to eight weeks, a small infestation can grow into a large infestation. Bedbugs are able to spread quickly due to their ability to find a human host or crawl long distances.

Because of their small size, bedbugs can easily crawl onto furniture and luggage. They can also move from room to room. They are most active during the night, when humans are sleeping or resting. They can be difficult to catch, as they bite softly and are able to get away very quickly.

One way to prevent the spread of bedbugs is to clean your home regularly. The first step is to check your home for any upholstered furniture. Make sure to check the seams and folds to see if they have been infested. Sofas and recliners are common breeding spots for bedbugs.

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