How Far Do Bed Bugs Jump?

The most common question you might ask about bed bugs is “how far do bedbugs jump?” The truth is that bedbugs do not jump. Their legs are too short for them to jump, but they can scurry and crawl on surfaces. They can also hitch a ride on clothing and personal possessions, like shoes, purses, and backpacks.

The answer depends on the species. Bedbugs and fleas have different ways to jump. Some of the tropical varieties are more agile than others, and some can fly up to 100 times their body length! But they cannot jump as far as fleas do. They must have a host in order to move from one place to another.

Adult bedbugs do not jump very far. They use their hind legs to move around and hitchhike to new locations. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t fly. This is a misconception. The smallest bedbugs are actually smaller than their larger relatives. And you probably won’t see them with a nymph-stage wing.

While bedbugs can jump a few feet, they cannot jump between hosts. Instead, they can climb, but they don’t jump. Their flat bodies and short legs make it difficult for them to jump. Moreover, they cannot jump on human clothing. However, they can crawl away from the person who touched them.

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