How Big Bed Bug Bites Are

If you are concerned about bedbug bites, there are some things you should know about them. These insects are small, and their bites can be anywhere on your body. Their bites typically occur on exposed skin while you sleep. This includes your arms, hands, and face. They can also bite your pajamas.

Bedbug bites can be clustered or isolated and may take several days to heal. They can cause itching, blistering, and hives, which should be treated by a health care provider. Bedbugs travel easily on your clothing, bags, furniture, and boxes, and can live on your bed. They also spread easily between floors. Bedbugs are not particularly fussy about cleanliness, and they prefer to live in areas with lots of hiding places.

When you notice any signs of bedbug infestation, it’s best to get the bug exterminated. A professional exterminator will have more effective chemicals and methods that can bring the problem under control faster. Generally speaking, bedbug bites are harmless, but if you experience any severe pain, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Besides bites, bedbugs may also leave behind tiny specks of blood. These specks are especially visible on the seams of furniture and bedding. In addition, they may leave behind shell-like remains. These can be found on bedding and in the excrement of the bugs.

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