Do Bed Bugs Traps Work?

If you are looking for ways to get rid of bedbugs, you have probably heard of bed bug traps. These are essentially sticky traps that slide underneath a bed or sofa. Ideally, you should set up the traps in the late afternoon or early evening and leave the room unoccupied. However, this is not always possible. In these cases, you may need to set up more than one trap in a room. Fans should also be kept away from traps to avoid attracting bugs.

Some traps are more effective than others. Sticky traps are more effective than pitfall traps, but they don’t work as well as traps that work by attracting bedbugs. Sticky traps have been known to fail to capture bedbugs because they can pull the sticky part off. However, sticky traps can still be used as part of a monitoring system. They can also be used to catch other insects, such as bird mites and Bethylidae parasitoid wasps.

Another option is to use a mattress cover. These covers are waterproof and make use of an advanced plant-based formula. Unlike other products, mattress covers can take months to completely eliminate the bedbug population. In addition, these covers are only effective if they cover the entire mattress.

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