Do Bed Bugs Occur Naturally?

Bedbugs are a common pest in homes and can live anywhere, including beds. Their flattened bodies are adapted to fit into small crevices, and they don’t need to build nests. They typically congregate in common hiding spots and will leave dark stains to mark their presence. These stains will contain bedbug eggs, as well as dried excrement. The bugs will shed their tan skins when they are nymphs. If bedbugs are engorged with blood, you will see reddish stains.

These pests are not a serious problem unless you live in a place with a bedbug infestation. While they can infest any area, the most common cities where bedbugs have been detected are New York, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, and Florida. Although they are commonly found in beds, they can live in cracks in walls, furniture, and even ceiling holes. Bedbugs have been around for nearly as long as the dinosaurs. In fact, one study conducted by scientists in the U.K. found that they have been around for at least 115 million years.

While bedbugs can spread from one room to another, you can prevent the spread of infestations by following proper hygiene and cleaning practices. First, you should always clean your bedding. Then, you can throw away any used clothing or furniture that may contain bedbugs. You can also invest in a mattress cover or box spring cover if you suspect you have bed bugs. You should also keep your bed area clean by avoiding clutter. If you suspect bedbugs have already invaded your home, you should immediately call professional exterminators.

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