Where Do Bed Bugs Naturally Live?

Bed bugs are common, but you may not have noticed them at home. They feed on human blood during the night, and are found in almost every home. They move around a lot, but tend to congregate near human bodies for feeding. Their large mouthparts have four stylets, which they fold under their body while at rest and fully extend during blood feeding. Each stylet has two canals: a small salivary canal and a larger food canal.

Bed bugs are most common in a bed, but they can also be found in upholstered furniture. They can also live in the seams and folds of sheets and blankets. A mattress may have material cracks, and these will allow bed bugs to enter and stay inside. Mattresses with springs are particularly attractive to these insects, as they provide support and cushioning and allow them to hide from light and extreme temperatures.

Bed bugs can be found in many places, but they prefer wood, paper, and fabric surfaces. They may also live on stone, metal, or plaster surfaces. They are most common in a bed, but they can also be found in chairs, sofas, cardboard boxes, and even bedside furniture.

Bed bugs can survive without food for up to four months, and can survive for a year in colder climates. However, if they cannot find a host, they will die naturally.

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