Do Bed Bugs Fly Or Have Wings?

While many people assume that bedbugs have wings, the fact is that these creatures are not capable of flying. Instead, these bugs have wing pads, which are called vestigial wings. In the past, bedbugs were able to fly, but have adapted to life without wings.

These insects live in dark, enclosed spaces. They do not prefer open spaces with a lot of movement, so they seek out places to hide until they find a meal. They will not live on the host’s skin, but will live close to the skin to find carbon dioxide sources.

Adult bedbugs are reddish-brown in color and are easily identifiable. While nymphs are too small to see, they have thin antennae and flat bodies. Once they’ve fed, they will turn red. Bedbugs’ eggs are a pearl-white color, which make them easy to detect in dark environments.

There are other types of insects that can resemble bedbugs. Spider beetles, for instance, have wings, but they do not bite humans. They feed on other insects, dead plants, and animals. Baby cockroaches are similar, but they do not feed on human blood. Booklice, on the other hand, are white, and they live behind wallpaper.

Unlike some other pests, bedbugs do not have wings. While they can hop, they cannot fly. Instead, they can only move by crawling. Their legs contain tibial pads and tarsal claws, which help them grip rough surfaces.

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