Can I Take My Landlord to Court For Bed Bugs?

If you discover bedbugs in your apartment, you may be entitled to compensation if you’re not satisfied with the landlord’s response or actions. To make a case, you should present written proof, such as a dated letter from you to your landlord or a copy of the inspection report. Adding your neighbors’ names as witnesses may also help you with your case.

A landlord is legally responsible for ensuring their property is suitable for human habitation, a duty known as Warranty of Habitability. This means that if you find bed bugs in your rental property, you have the right to terminate your lease and seek damages. If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible to file a claim, consult with an attorney.

In many cases, bed bugs are considered a breach of the tenancy warranty of habitability. Because the bugs are highly resilient, the landlord must ensure that the apartment is safe for tenants and suitable for their use. As a result, a landlord who fails to comply with such a request could face a lawsuit.

In some states, tenants can file a lawsuit in small claims court to demand compensation for damages. The amount of compensation that can be awarded is typically $3000 or $9000. Additionally, small claims court lawsuits require no lawyer fees and are usually decided within one month. This may save the tenant the expense of hiring an attorney to represent him or her.

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