Can Dogs Carry Bed Bugs?

Dogs are not usually the primary source of bedbug infestation, but they can still bring them into your home. Although bed bugs prefer humans as their primary host, they can also live and feed on your dog’s bedding and other items. If your dog has recently spent time at a kennel or in a different house, he may have brought home bedbugs from there. In this case, you should take steps to prevent the infestation.

If you see welts on your dog’s skin, your dog could be carrying bedbugs. Although bedbugs don’t transmit disease, they can cause unpleasant discomfort. They may also trigger an allergic reaction, which requires immediate medical attention. In severe infestations, your dog may even develop anemia.

Luckily, bedbugs can only infest humans if they have previously infested a home. However, if your dog has recently slept on a bed that has bedbugs, you may need to consult a veterinary specialist to determine if your dog is carrying bedbugs.

Bedbugs prefer areas close to their hosts, such as the mattress, box spring, and frame. However, bedbugs also find a home in dog beds, and a dog’s plastic or fabric casing is just as attractive to them.

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