Are Bed Bugs Usually Alone?

Bed bugs are generally found in areas with a high turnover of people. These places can include homes, cabins, dormitories, buses, and community centers. They are not just restricted to human habitats, however; they can also live in used furniture outlets. While their numbers were relatively low in the late 20th century, they have recently increased again in many parts of the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Bedbugs are most common on beds, although they can also live in other parts of your home. They can hide in furniture, clothing, and even in luggage. It’s best to leave suitcases outside and check used furniture thoroughly before bringing it home. Using these tips can help you detect and eliminate bedbugs.

Once you’ve identified an infestation, the next step is to get rid of the source. Fortunately, bedbugs don’t spread diseases, but they can get into your home undetected. Because of their flattened bodies, they can fit into small spaces the size of a credit card. Typically, they live in groups in hiding places such as the headboard or frame of your bed. Once they have settled in a particular area, they can spread to other rooms, including the room next door.

After inspecting your bedroom, you should check the sofa, used furniture, and luggage. You should also inspect your laundry room, used furniture, and used furniture.

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