Do Bed Bugs Really Go Away?

If you find bed bugs in your home, the first thing you should do is find them and treat them. However, you should be aware that a bed bug infestation is not a permanent fix. They can return after some time, so you need to regularly check your house to make sure that they aren’t coming back. This is especially true if your house is large and has a lot of hiding places.

If you leave a bed bug infestation untreated, it can spread exponentially over a short period of time. An adult bed bug can survive for up to 4.5 months without feeding. In this time, a bed bug infestation can become unbearable and expensive. Fortunately, there are several ways to treat the infestation.

One method is heat treatment. This method will kill the bugs, but it will not prevent them from coming back. You may need to have the pest controller come back several times to get rid of the bugs completely. In addition to heat treatment, it is also possible for bed bugs to return after an extermination.

Another way to get rid of bedbugs is by eliminating their hiding places. You should avoid storing any old items in these areas. Keeping these items in a cool, dry place is a good way to get rid of bedbugs. In some cases, it may even be possible to treat an infestation yourself by cleaning items with a stiff brush. However, if you find that your infestation has become too severe, you should hire a professional exterminator. A professional will have access to chemicals and other treatments that will help eliminate the bugs on contact and in the long run.

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