Are Jumping Spiders Poisonous?

Jumping spiders are fun to watch, but they can also be very venomous. While their venom is not harmful to humans, they can cause a lot of pain if you get stung. In general, the jumping spider’s sting is not as bad as a bee’s, and a cold compress can help relieve the pain.

One of the first questions people ask when they see a jumping spider is whether or not it is poisonous. The truth is that the jumping spider’s venom is not dangerous to humans, and the venom is mainly used to paralyze prey. However, if you’re allergic to venom, you should take the proper precautions.

Although there are no known fatalities from jumping spider bites, there are some mild symptoms that may occur, namely swelling and itching. If these symptoms worsen, you should seek medical attention.

As with other types of insect bites, the best way to avoid them is to keep your house clean and clear of spider webs. Insecticides can be used to zap them, and you can apply a residual spray around your home about three feet in diameter.

Another way to keep away jumping spiders is to use peppermint oil. Spiders aren’t as afraid of peppermint as you might think, and if you spray it on the ground around your house, they might not even come near you.

Unlike other spiders, the jumping spider doesn’t make a web. Instead, it uses silk to tether itself and to hang.