How Big Are Wolf Spiders?

Wolf spiders are one of the largest spiders you can find. They are members of the Lycosidae family, which is part of the Araneae order.

These spiders are known to be nocturnal hunters. That’s why they are so easily spotted. Their eyes are also very distinctive. This helps you distinguish them from other arachnids.

Female wolf spiders are usually larger than males. Typically, they will lay around 100 eggs. The female then wraps these eggs in silk and attaches them to the bottom of her abdomen. After mating, she rolls the silk into a ball and carries the egg sac around until it hatches.

Some species of wolf spiders live all year round. Others are active during the day. However, they generally are solitary creatures.

Wolf spiders are also noted for their speed. They use their great eyesight and sensitivity to vibrations to avoid predators, such as wasps. Depending on the species, they may build tunnels in the ground to trap their prey.

Besides their long, stout legs, wolf spiders have powerful venom glands and fangs. This helps them paralyze their prey. In addition, they also have two sets of eyes. One set is on the front of their abdomen, and another is on their back.

While most wolf spiders are small, there are some large species. For example, the Desertas wolf spider is one of the biggest. It has a leg span of 12 centimeters.

Wolf spiders are commonly found in homes. They are often found near doors, windows, and basements.