How to Get Rid of Silverfish in Beds

If you have been noticing that you have a silverfish problem in your home, it may be time to take action. Fortunately, the process is fairly easy. Silverfish are insects that can be found living in dark, moist environments. These bugs are not harmful to humans. However, they are a nuisance and can cause some damage to your household.

They are small, silvery gray insects that have six legs and a wide head. Unlike cockroaches, they do not sting. As they are mostly nocturnal, they can find shelter in dark and damp areas.

They eat food, decomposing materials, and cellulose. Silverfish prefer items with adhesives. Therefore, they are attracted to paper products and cardboard boxes.

You can get rid of silverfish in your bedroom by changing the environment. To start, reduce humidity and air out your room. A good dehumidifier can help dry out the area and make it uninhabitable for silverfish.

Another option is to spray a solution of diatomaceous earth in your room. Diatomaceous earth is a powder made of fossilized algae and is effective in dehydrating silverfish. It should be sprinkled around your baseboards and bedposts.

A final option is to try to eliminate silverfish by making the room hostile. For example, you can use spices to place sachets at the perimeter of the bed. Alternatively, you can buy a repellent, such as cedarwood, which is not harmful to people but will keep silverfish away.

When you are deciding what to do, remember to choose a method that feels comfortable to you. There are a number of options that can work, from vacuuming to hiring a professional.