How Long Does It Take For Silverfish Eggs to Hatch?

Silverfish eggs are a crucial part of the infestation process. They are very small and hardly visible to human eyes. Once laid, they are hidden in cracks and crevices. It may take up to two months for them to hatch.

The adult silverfish lays about 100 eggs in its lifetime. These eggs are oval-shaped and about half a millimeter in size. Females typically lay one to three eggs per day. If conditions are favorable, they can hatch in as little as a month.

Adult silverfish can live for up to eight years. During this time, they will go through several moults. Some species may go through as many as 50 molts.

Silverfish are most commonly found in warm, humid environments, though they can survive in cooler climates. They also prefer foods with carbohydrates and proteins.

Silverfish eggs are deposited in cracks and crevices throughout the home. When they are first laid, they are white. Over time, they turn yellow.

The silverfish is usually found in moist areas such as garages and crawl spaces. Occasionally, it can be found in the attic.

Normally, female silverfish lay one or three eggs daily. Females deposit eggs in crevices and dusty areas. As a result, they can be difficult to remove.

In a warm climate, it takes about two months for the silverfish to develop into an adult. However, colder climates can delay their development for six weeks or more.

The silverfish can eat paper, cardboard, synthetic fibers, and natural fibers. If your house has a large number of these bugs, it can be difficult to get rid of them.