Can Silverfish Hurt Cats?

If you have a cat, you might be wondering if silverfish can hurt your pet. In fact, they are harmless, if not completely uninviting. However, they are capable of causing damage to your home, so you’ll want to take the proper measures to protect your furry friend.

If you are curious about what these little critters are, they are wingless insects that are white to brown in color. They are about half an inch in length and have a metallic shine. The scaled pattern on their backs makes them look like a carrot.

Silverfish are a nuisance because they can cause damage to your home. This includes books, papers, clothing, and more.

Some of the most common ways to get rid of them are using chemicals or natural methods. You may want to consult with a pest control specialist to determine the best way to remove them from your home.

Another good idea is to clean your home thoroughly. A deep clean should include your attic, basement, and unused rooms. Having a clean house can mean the difference between a silverfish-free house and one that is plagued with the pest.

Among the most important things to remember is to clean the areas that your pets tend to frequent. Leaving cat litter and other debris lying around can attract silverfish.

There are also certain types of food your pet should not eat. One is the boric acid. Boric acid is toxic to cats and is a good reason to avoid giving your pet that particular substance.