How to Get Rid of an Infestation of Silverfish

Getting an infestation of silverfish is not something you want to have to worry about. These tiny insects are a nuisance, and can cause serious damage to your belongings. But, there are ways you can keep them out of your home and prevent them from getting into your home in the first place.

Firstly, you need to get rid of anything that they might like. This can include food and moisture. Also, you need to make sure your home is well ventilated.

Silverfish like to live in moist places, such as in bathrooms and attics. They are nocturnal. If you see silverfish, it is a good idea to get a professional pest management service to treat your home.

You can use a combination of insecticides and pyrethrins to control silverfish. Pyrethrins work to irritate bugs, while a combination of insecticides can protect your home for up to 45 days.

Some people choose to use Diatomaceous Earth to kill off silverfish. It is an effective pesticide. However, it will destroy any exoskeletons the insects have, so you need to make sure you dispose of it.

Another option is to use sticky traps. These are made with a cardboard base and a thin layer of sticky glue. The glue has a pesticide in it, which will entice the bugs to fall into it.

Another way to get rid of silverfish is to decrease the moisture in your home. Dehumidifiers can help reduce the humidity, and this will make the area less conducive to silverfish.

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