How to Get Rid of a Silverfish In My Bed

Silverfish are a very annoying pest. They are not dangerous, but they can cause serious damage to your mattress, bedding and other materials. The worst thing is that silverfish can be very difficult to get rid of, but you can do some things to help.

First, try reducing the humidity in your bedroom. Silverfish love moist environments. Try to open windows or turn on your air conditioner. You may also want to look into getting a dehumidifier.

Second, you may want to use cedarwood to keep silverfish away. Cedarwood is a natural insect repellent that is not harmful to humans or animals. This can be scattered throughout the bedroom, or used as a sachet under the bed.

Third, you can use diatomaceous earth to kill silverfish. Sprinkle a little around your baseboards, or around bedposts. It is a slow-acting chemical, but it will eventually dissolve the outer coating of the silverfish.

Fourth, you can wash your bedding with hot water. This will remove the molted skin and droppings of the silverfish. However, the best way to deal with the silverfish is to hire a professional. If you have a large infestation, you can take it to a pest control company, which can be very effective.

Lastly, you can try some simple trapping. Silverfish are nocturnal, so they don’t bite. Their feeding habits are not very noticeable, but they will eat anything. Foods they like include protein, carbohydrates, starches, and polysaccharides.