Why Are Silverfish in My Clothes?

If you have noticed holes in your clothes or clothing that has been stained, you could be infested by silverfish. These bugs can damage clothing, books, papers, and other household items. They are also a nuisance.

You can prevent silverfish infestations by making sure that your clothing is stored properly. Silverfish are attracted to materials that smell like sugar or glue. Therefore, storing your garments in plastic storage bags or Lavender Pouch will help keep them from attracting silverfish.

When silverfish are found in your home, you can remove the offending insect by washing the affected garments in hot water. The hot water will kill the eggs. Once the silverfish are dead, you can then wash the garments in a dry cleaner’s facility that uses PERC.

Silverfish are generally attracted to areas with high humidity. So, you should check your basement or attic for their presence.

Another way to prevent silverfish is by keeping your home’s environment free of moisture. Silverfish like to live in damp, dark places. For example, they are most likely to be found in closets or bathrooms.

Some people might be allergic to dust mites or silverfish droppings. Fortunately, silverfish are not known to transmit diseases. But, if you are allergic to any of these substances, it’s best to avoid contact with silverfish.

Besides causing damage to your clothes, silverfish can also contaminate foods. Their poop is black in color and is often found in places where they eat.