How Long Can Silverfish Live in Your Home?

Silverfish live in damp, dark areas. They are nocturnal creatures, and they move frequently. In order to survive, they need a lot of moisture. The best way to prevent silverfish from invading your home is to ensure that your property is not excessively wet.

A common habitat for silverfish is the bathroom. This area is often used by humans, so it meets their moisture requirements.

Attics and basements are also common silverfish habitats. These rooms are usually damp and dark, and they provide the insects with shelter and a place to hide.

You can keep your property clean and free of silverfish by regularly cleaning the surfaces in your home. If you use a dehumidifier in your basement, you can discourage the insects. However, you may have to use the device for a few days before they discover it.

Another effective method of controlling small populations of silverfish is sticky traps. Sticky traps are made of a cardboard base with a layer of sticky glue.

Silverfish are attracted to things with adhesive, so you should be prepared to catch them with these types of traps. Ideally, you should place the trap near where you believe the insects are thriving.

Another option for controlling a silverfish infestation is to seal the food you prepare and store in sealed containers. Also, store clothes in a dry environment.

If you’re looking for a natural way to get rid of silverfish, you should consider using diatomaceous earth. It is a safe form of algae that is both palatable and non-toxic.

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