How Big Do Silverfish Grow?

Silverfish are small, wingless insects that have a metallic appearance. They are usually found in moist, humid environments. In an ideal environment, silverfish prefer temperatures of 72 to 80 degrees F.

Adult silverfish are half-inch to one-inch long. Their bodies are flat, tapered, and covered with thin silver-grey scales. There are three tail-like appendages at the rear.

A female silverfish can lay up to 30 eggs in her lifetime. These are laid in groups of seven to twelve eggs. The eggs hatch in about two weeks in a warm, humid climate.

Female silverfish live for two to eight years. They are also sensitive to moisture and need a high level of humidity to survive.

Female silverfish can enter your home through cracks in books, cardboard boxes, or papers. Once they arrive, they will lay eggs in crevices. You can help prevent an infestation by cleaning basements, books, and laundry rooms.

Adult silverfish are generally nocturnal, meaning that they are active at night. It’s difficult to catch them. If they are disturbed, they will run away. Although they are generally not very noticeable during the daytime, they can leave traces of their bite marks.

Silverfish can be a serious pest in homes and commercial buildings. They are known to chew through paper and other materials in search of sugary food.

Female silverfish will lay eggs in the ovipositor, a structure on the abdomen that contains a spermatophore. After the eggs hatch, the female takes them into her body to fertilize them.

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