How Big Are Silverfish Eggs?

Silverfish are small insects that are commonly found in the United States. They can grow to half an inch or more in length, and have silvery gray bodies with fine scales.

Unlike other insects, silverfish do not have wings. They have compound eyes that are sensitive to light. These fish-like insects can also swim through water. In order to survive, they need a lot of moisture and humidity.

Depending on the conditions, silverfish can live up to three years or more. They are found in damp areas and often in nooks and crannies in your home. Some of these nooks and crannies include attics, basements, and crawl spaces.

The female silverfish can lay up to one hundred eggs during her lifetime. Female silverfish lay eggs every few days, and they usually deposit them in cracks. Sometimes, they may enter your home through cardboard cartons of books or paper.

Silverfish eggs are tiny, and they’re hard to see with the naked eye. They are generally oval or elliptical in shape. When they first hatch, they are white. After a few hours, the eggs harden. Depending on the climate, they can hatch in 19 to 60 days.

Silverfish can survive without food for up to a year. During this time, the female will lay about one to three eggs each day.

The male silverfish deposits sperm on the female, which fertilizes her eggs. Once the female is mature, she will lay more eggs.

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