Do Silverfish Go in Your Ears?

There is a myth that silverfish climb in the ears. The reality is that these tiny creatures are not able to pierce human skin.

However, they can sometimes get into a person’s ear canal. They will lay their eggs inside. If this happens, it is very rare.

This is because the jaws of the silverfish are too weak to pierce human skin. In addition, silverfish don’t carry pathogens that can harm humans.

Silverfish are also extremely shy creatures. They prefer secluded places. Therefore, they are often found in dark, damp, and humid areas.

Silverfish can eat a variety of foods. Their diet includes a wide range of carbohydrate sources. Some of the more common foods they eat include paper products, dust, glue, and decaying plant material.

Aside from being harmful to humans, silverfish are also harmful to household goods. They can cause damage to clothes, wallpaper, books, and paper. They can also destroy upholstered furniture.

However, silverfish don’t sting. Unlike cockroaches, silverfish are not known to carry potentially damaging diseases. Also, they do not bite.

If you have a silverfish infestation, it’s important to find out where they are hiding. Since they are nocturnal, they only come out during the night. You may notice them crawling around in your bathroom or attic. Occasionally, they can be found in the basement.

Earwigs are smaller than silverfish. These insects can enter a home through doorways or through screens.

In contrast to silverfish, earwigs have a shorter lifespan. The average life span of an earwig is less than a year. Moreover, most earwig species prefer to eat rotting vegetation.

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