Can I Kill Silverfish With Bleach?

When it comes to killing silverfish, you may be wondering, can I kill silverfish with bleach? Fortunately, you can. Using the active ingredients in bleach to kill silverfish is one of the most effective methods you can use.

You can use a mixture of water and bleach to spray on areas where silverfish hide. Putting a drop of bleach down the drains of your home is also a good way to eliminate silverfish.

Alternatively, you can sprinkle boric acid around the corners of your bathroom. Boric acid is a mineral that is toxic to many insects. But it can take some time for it to work. Be sure to wear gloves when using it.

You can also use diatomaceous earth, a natural insecticide. It is made from fossilized plankton. This will cut the exoskeleton of the silverfish and kill it. Diatomaceous earth looks like talc powder.

Another way to get rid of silverfish is to use an essential oil. Essential oils are often used for repelling stink bugs. Cedar oil is a non-toxic oil that can be used to protect your clothing from insects.

To get rid of silverfish, you can also put cinnamon sticks in your house. This will help prevent the insects from getting to your food or clothing.

You can also spray a solution of lemon juice on the infestation. Depending on the severity of your silverfish problem, you may need to repeat this procedure multiple times.

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