What Can You Kill Silverfish With?

Silverfish are insects that feed on a wide range of materials, including food, dust, and clothing. If you’ve noticed that they’re invading your home, you can kill them by using one of several natural and chemical treatments.

One of the best ways to kill silverfish is to eliminate their food source. They tend to thrive in damp environments. To do this, cut back vegetation and remove clutter outside of your home. You can also purchase products that repel them.

For a more natural approach, you can make a trap to catch them. A glass jar filled with bread or a roll of newspaper is a good trap. The silverfish will find their way into the jar but they will be unable to escape.

Another way to kill silverfish is to sprinkle diatomaceous earth throughout your house. This natural material is toxic to insects, but it’s safe for people and pets.

Baits work by making silverfish hungry. When they ingest the baits, they are poisoned. While this method can be effective, it isn’t a quick fix. Instead, you’ll have to repeat the process many times.

Alternatively, you can make a homemade roach killer trap. A wallet-size piece of cardboard coated with a paste made from water and flour can be placed in a place where you often see silverfish. Apply the paste and check it occasionally.

Boric acid is another poison that you can use to kill silverfish. Sprinkle it around baseboards, in cracks and crevices, and in the attic. Before you use it, you’ll want to wear a face mask. It’s important to keep small children away from boric acid.

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