Are Silverfish Attracted to LED Lights?

It is common knowledge that insects are attracted to light, but are silverfish attracted to LED lights? There are several reasons why they are not.

Although light does attract them, they don’t particularly need it. They are attracted to other factors such as food, heat, moisture, and darkness. In general, bugs are drawn to shorter wavelengths of light.

However, LED lights do not produce the same sort of effects. They emit less UV and heat, making them safer for use in the home.

Silverfish are nocturnal, and are usually found in damp or dark places. If they can’t find food, they might be attracted to your home. You can avoid this by sealing cracks and openings in your house.

If you have a silverfish infestation, you might want to consider LED lights as a way to control them. They do not attract bugs like incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs.

However, insects are attracted to other things, and you may also have to be concerned with securing the space. For example, a silverfish may crawl out of a high humidity environment for a short period, but you can prevent this by keeping the area sealed.

Silverfish are attracted to light because it signifies where their food is. Usually, they are attracted to bright white and blue colors. But, they aren’t attracted to LED lights because they can’t see it as well as you can.

However, you can keep silverfish away from your LED lighting by cleaning the area. Use a non-toxic solution to kill them, such as diatomaceous earth. Alternatively, use a fly trap to prevent flies from landing around your lights.

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