Where to Check For Head Lice

The first step in removing head lice is to thoroughly wash the affected area. Lice tend to hide in the hairline, around the ears, and at the nape of the neck. Using a magnifying glass or mirror will help you find the infestation. A detangler and conditioner are also recommended for smoothing the hair.

The next step is to comb the affected area. It is best to use a detangler to make the task easier. Another option is to use a lice defense spray, such as Detangle KaPOW! Lice Defense Spray, which is effective in keeping head lice away and also helps with detangling. After detangling, use a comb to inspect each strand of hair, combing every five strokes. Check your hair carefully for nits, which are extremely tiny.

If your child is scratching his/her head, this is probably a sign that they have head lice. However, it is important to note that scratching a child’s head may be caused by something else, such as dandruff, eczema, or an allergic reaction to a hair-care product. Additionally, head lice are extremely small and can be hard to spot. They hide at the base of hair strands, close to the scalp. This makes identifying them difficult, especially if your child has long hair.

Head lice are very contagious, so it is important to wash clothing and bedding frequently. Also, you must vacuum regularly and cover furniture with a plastic drop cloth. Children who live with others are more likely to contract the disease than others, so keep this in mind when choosing childcare settings.

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