How to Know Where to Treat Head Lice

The first step to ensuring your child is lice-free is finding out where the infestation originated. Then, take care to clean all items that were in contact with the affected person’s head. Items that cannot be washed should be placed in plastic bags and stored in a cool, dry place for at least two weeks. Also, it is important to clean carpets and furniture. Head lice live for less than a day, so they should not be present on the furniture or carpet. However, you should also avoid spraying your home or belongings with insecticides. These chemicals are harmful to your health if they are absorbed through the skin or inhaled.

One of the best ways to get rid of head lice is to use a medicated shampoo or lotion. These products can be purchased at pharmacies, grocery stores, or online. Medicated shampoos are not a permanent solution and will have to be repeated in about a week. In some cases, a medicated shampoo will not be enough, so you should use a medicated lotion or spray instead.

Another effective method is to use a lice comb. This tool helps to catch head lice before they are able to lay eggs. It works by blocking the lice from moving from the scalp to the hair shafts. This method is effective for children who are old enough to use the comb on their own.

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