What's Head Lice in French?

What’s Head Lice in French?

There are two ways to treat lice on your child’s head. The first method, known as wet combing, is mechanical and can eliminate up to half of the lice population. It requires a specialized lice comb with extra-fine teeth. However, it is not recommended for infants and pregnant women. Another effective way to treat lice is by shaving your child’s head.

The second method involves physical distancing from the infected person and the infested item. Lockdowns and physical distancing have been shown to limit the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and other common communicable diseases. The lockdowns in France are scheduled to run from 17 March to 11 May 2020.

Head lice are small, gray-white insects that lay their eggs on the scalp. The eggs hatch in about six to nine days. The eggs must remain within four millimeters of the scalp in order to survive. After hatching, the nymphs will develop into adults after seven to 10 days. Once they become adults, the head louse will lay up to 10 eggs per day.

Another option is to use a lice comb. These combs are made to detect lice and remove them. They can be both simple and dressy. To use a lice comb, first collect three pieces of hair on top of your head. Make sure the far-right piece crosses over the middle piece. The left section will then connect with the third piece.