Why Can't I Get Rid of Head Lice?

Why Can’t I Get Rid of Head Lice?

There are several ways to treat head lice. You can either apply a medicated shampoo or a home remedy. Hairspray can help prevent lice from getting into your hair, but it won’t get rid of the lice that are already in your head. The most important treatment is to change your pillowcase. Make sure that you wash it in hot water and dry it on a hot clothes dryer.

If you find a live lice, make sure you get rid of it immediately. You can also document it and show your health care provider. Ensure that you treat only live lice, not those that are dead. You can purchase head lice treatments at any drugstore, but make sure that you read the instructions and use a reputable brand.

To prevent the spread of head lice, don’t share clothing, hair accessories, and bedding. You should also treat everyone in your household who has come into contact with someone with head lice. Children are more susceptible to head lice than boys, so make sure to keep them separate, and keep them in a sealed plastic bag. You should also soak hairbrushes and other personal items in hot water for a few days to kill any remaining lice.

While live lice are very difficult to see, nits are easy to see. They are small white specks that adhere to the hair near the scalp. They are most easily found at the hairline and behind the ears. However, you should not mistake nits for dandruff because they are attached firmly to the hair shaft.