What Temp is Too Cold For Flies to Hibernate?

What Temp is Too Cold For Flies to Hibernate?

When the weather gets cold, flies go into a state of hibernation, or diapause. This state occurs when temperatures drop below 45degF (7degC). Flies in this stage crawl to a safe place and stop moving altogether, saving energy. This helps the flies survive during the coldest seasons.

While houseflies can withstand temperatures between 55degF and 60degF, they are not able to survive at temperatures below these levels. They will eventually die if left in a house that is too cold. Often they will hide under open cupboards, behind furniture, or behind the refrigerator.

In order to survive in colder temperatures, flies store fat in their bodies. This fat helps them avoid dying during the coldest months, even though their metabolism slows down when temperatures drop below freezing. This type of fat helps them survive by absorbing energy and keeping them warm.

The cold temperature can affect the number of insects in the area. Different types of insects respond differently to low temperatures. Cold temperatures will kill most insects. In fact, many will die when the temperature drops below 37°F. But this doesn’t mean that these insects are not still active. Most insects use their bodies to prepare for the next generation of larvae that will emerge during the spring. These insects lay their eggs in sheltered areas, which provide the larvae with food and shelter.

Flies prefer warm temperatures and cannot survive the coldest temperatures. They tend to hide in the shade on sunny days, where the temperature is above 120degF. In addition, they do not reproduce at temperatures below 70degF. Despite these limitations, cold temperatures can delay their development. A common household refrigerator does not provide the ideal temperature for house flies to survive.