How to Visit the Burning Man Geyser

How to Visit the Burning Man Geyser

The Burning Man Project purchased the property on which the Fly Geyser is located for $6 million in June 2016. The property features 3,800 acres of natural springs, wetlands, and sagebrush-grasslands. It opened to the public in May 2018. A drive on State Route 34 will take you to the geyser.

To see the geyser up close, there are private tours that you can take. This is the first year that these tours are available. In the meantime, you can view it from the roadside in Gerlach. You can also check out the Fly Ranch website to find out more information.

The nature walk to Fly Geyser is available only on weekends. Volunteers conduct the tours, which take place during certain dates and are limited to 15 people per date. The volunteers undergo on-site training before hosting the guided tours. This gives you more freedom and flexibility when visiting the geyser.

Visitors can choose to spend a day or spend the night in the area. The trip is about two hours from Reno. It is possible to drive to the geyser for the day or stay overnight. If you choose to stay overnight, you’ll get to see the geyser at night. You can even take a horseback ride to the Playa, which is also popular among adventurers.

Fly Geyser is located on private land. Although the geyser is only 60 years old, it contains quartz inside it. Quartz is a material that takes thousands of years to form. Consequently, geysers that are 10,000 years old are much more likely to contain quartz.