Can Fly’s Take Their Own Head Off?

One of the most amazing evolutions that insects have managed is their ability to fly. Flying requires clever flapping motions, powerful flight muscles, and a fantastic fly brain. Scientists have wondered if this is the key to their ability to take off their own heads. Here, they discuss the science behind this fascinating behavior.

Fly sex organs are mostly unisex, but some key nodes are marked as male or female. These nodes are controlled by nerve cells in the brain. The males are the ones who use song to court females, and the females mimic this song to attract a female. This ability is called ‘female mimicry’, and it allows female flies to mimic male behavior.

To observe the flies’ behavior, you can freeze them in petri dishes with crushed ice on top. This technique works well, but is not as clean as the first two methods. In addition to being messy, it may anesthetize younger students. Regardless of the method you choose, make sure you use cheap equipment for each experiment.

House flies have taste receptors on their lower legs and feet. Once they have found a tasty meal, they will wander around until they find something else they can eat. After they have finished eating, they will then defecate wherever they find something edible.

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