How Can We Prevent Mosquitoes, Flies, and Cockroaches From Breeding Brainly?

Mosquitoes and flies breed in stagnant water, and they can carry diseases. To avoid these pests, you can install fly screens and use insect repellents. Some types of repellents are DEET or picaridin. Another way to prevent mosquitoes is to clean stagnant water from your home. For instance, you should change the water in vases, bird baths, and pet bowls regularly.

Mosquitoes can transmit a variety of illnesses, such as trachoma, which can cause blindness. Other mosquito-borne diseases include Ross River Fever, Barmah Forest disease, Murray Valley encephalitis, and malaria. Therefore, you should try to design your yard and house to reduce the number of places where mosquitoes can breed. Avoid areas with poorly graded roof gutters, dripping taps, and areas with poor drainage.

Controlling cockroaches can be difficult, but there are some methods that can help you to reduce their numbers. Prevention is the first step to getting rid of cockroaches. You can do this by examining the items that you bring into the home and sealing any cracks. You can also improve the cleanliness of your home by keeping food and water in tightly-sealed containers and cleaning them regularly. You can also stop their access to water by fixing plumbing problems.

Light traps are another effective way to control flies. You should place these traps in dark corners of your house, and away from sunlight or bright lights. Make sure to place them away from food preparation areas. You should also replace the bulbs in these traps every spring, because old bulbs lose their attraction to insects. Also, make sure to throw out any dead flies, as they feed on other insects.

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