Will Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs?

There are several methods of killing bed bugs, including the use of ethanol and ethyl alcohol. Inhaling the fumes from these products can kill bed bugs in some cases, but people with age or health conditions should avoid this. Nevertheless, it’s an effective way to get rid of these pests and prevent them from returning.

You can also use rubbing alcohol as a spray. This will help you spread the substance more evenly and reduce the amount of alcohol used. For best results, leave the spray on the area for at least one day, then repeat the procedure. However, it is not recommended to use rubbing alcohol in large amounts, as it can produce toxic fumes.

It’s best to use a professional exterminator if you’re unsure of your abilities. Homemade remedies for getting rid of bedbugs can be extremely dangerous. A single dousing of alcohol on furniture may cause a fire, especially if the furniture is already damp. If you can’t find a professional, you can always try other methods. The EPA recommends a holistic approach to pest control. In addition to using an alcohol-based pesticide, you should also clean and dry your bedding using a high-heat setting.

Another method that can effectively kill bed bugs is the application of rubbing alcohol directly to the infested area. Bed bugs are sensitive to irritants, and alcohol is particularly toxic to them. The alcohol causes organ failure and death in the bugs as it alters the pH balance in the bugs’ bodies. The alcohol also kills their eggs.

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