Why Do Bed Bugs Smell?

The reason behind bed bugs’ distinctive smell is not clear. They produce a scent reminiscent of human urine, coriander, moldy clothes, or blood. The smell, however, is a useful way for bedbugs to communicate with one another and remain hidden. The best way to get rid of bedbugs is to contact a professional bed bug removal company.

The scent is caused by pheromones, which bedbugs use to communicate and find their food source. These scents are often present in the environment of the infected person, and the odors can be described as sweet and acidic. Bed bugs do not actively secrete these chemicals, but they do release them when they are disturbed.

Bedbugs are also attracted to odors like those from human skin. Other blood-sucking insects can smell carbon dioxide exhaled by their prey. This is why researchers have been able to collect wild specimens by leaving dry ice in a wooded area. The presence of this substance indicates the presence of blood.

Bedbugs can also leave fecal streaks or spotting on a fabric. These stains are most common near areas where they are infested. White-colored fabrics are the easiest to detect.

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