Why Do Bed Bugs Need a Host to Live?

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on human blood. However, they will feed on other creatures if they cannot find a human host. This is because bed bugs have become resistant to most common insecticides. These insects can lay up to 500 eggs in one lifetime. This makes them more difficult to get rid of.

The main reason why bed bugs need a host is to reproduce. Without a host, they will stop producing eggs and will not grow. They also need a blood meal to mature and molt. Bed bugs will not reach adulthood without a host. If they cannot find a host, they will die.

In addition to feeding on humans, bed bugs feed on other animals in the house. They may feed on pets or rodents, so you must be careful when you feed your pet or children. If you feed a bed bug, it could cause significant blood loss and potentially even lead to anemia.

Bed bugs live in damp places such as carpets and furniture. They prefer wood, paper, or fabric surfaces, but they can live on plaster, stone, or metal. They typically live in the seams and coils of your mattress, bedside furniture, door and window frames, and wood paneling.

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