Why Do Bed Bugs Keep Returning?

Bed bugs are a common problem that many people are unable to get rid of completely. You can try a variety of methods, including bleach and covering the bed mattress, but bed bugs still tend to return. They can also be found in other parts of the house, including clothes and furniture. You may have even seen them in public places like subways or malls.

One of the most effective ways to eliminate bed bugs is to keep your house clean. Regular vacuuming will reduce the areas where bed bugs hide. Likewise, regular washing of linens and clothing will help reduce the number of bed bugs in your home. Another effective method is to check furniture for cracks and holes to ensure that no hiding spots are left.

It’s important to eliminate bedbugs as early as possible after they’ve become active. They need to feed before each molt, and they can produce as many as 500 eggs in their lifetime. Also, avoid clutter, which provides hiding places for them. If you do find bedbugs, contact a professional pest control service to prevent them from coming back.

After you’ve checked the bedroom, check the couch, too. Having bed bugs in your house can make your life more difficult. You might be tempted to pack your things to spend time somewhere else, but this may just spread the infestation to an entirely new location. You’ll also want to inspect your luggage and used furniture.

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