Why Do Bed Bugs Keep Biting Me?

A Brooklyn family discovered that their bed was infested when a sensitive relative visited. Upon further investigation, they found that the infestation was caused by a bed bug infestation. Fortunately, the infestation was easy to treat. Using anti-itch products is usually sufficient to relieve the symptoms, but if the bed bug bites are infected, you may need antibiotics.

The bites of a bed bug are often extremely itchy, even though the bug might not be visible. A bed bug can bite anyone, and it may also bite one family member more than another. The first step in eliminating the bed bug problem is to identify where the bedbugs are feeding. These bugs may be hiding under the mattress corners or on a particular side of the mattress.

A bed bug is a flat, reddish brown parasitic insect that feeds on the blood of humans and other animals. Its size varies from one to seven millimeters. The bites on humans typically occur at night. These insects usually leave three red bumps on the skin.

In addition to bites, bedbugs also leave behind tiny blood stains and black dots. These may look like black pepper or mold. If you are noticing itchy skin, bedbugs aren’t the reason – a variety of other factors can cause itching and rashes on your skin. It’s best to see a doctor to rule out other possible causes.

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