Why Do Bed Bugs Keep Coming Back After Treatment?

The question “why do bed bugs keep coming back after treatment” isn’t really as simple as it sounds. These parasitic bugs are extremely resilient and multiply rapidly. A single female bed bug can produce as many as 200 offspring. It is therefore imperative to understand how these pests reproduce and why they keep coming back despite treatment.

First, bed bugs can get into inaccessible environments. This includes areas under carpeting, between floor boards, behind baseboards, and under door and window frames. Additionally, bed bugs do not feed every day, but rather once a week or between feedings. Therefore, while a treatment can kill the bugs on contact, it cannot prevent them from returning to your home.

Another reason that bed bugs keep coming back after treatment is because the treatment failed to kill the bugs’ eggs. These eggs are usually buried deep inside cracks and crevices, and chemical treatments do not penetrate them. As a result, bed bugs can come back weeks or even months after treatment.

After the first treatment, it is important to follow up with a cleaning program. Laundering bed linens and clothes on a hot water cycle and removing cluttered areas is essential. It is also important to remove any stored items under the bed.

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