Do Bed Bugs Require a Host?

Bed bugs prefer human blood as their main source of protein, but they will feed on other animals and birds, as well. They can travel up to 20 feet from their host to feed, and they are most active at night. They feed for three to twelve minutes at a time. They are difficult to kill and can be difficult to remove.

One of the first things you should do to prevent an infestation is to inspect furniture and bedding for infestations. If the furniture has a history of bedbug infestations, you may need to hire a professional to do an inspection. Bedbugs can live on second-hand furniture, so make sure you inspect it thoroughly. If you do find an infestation, be sure to mark the item so you don’t accidentally bring it home.

It is possible that bedbugs can live for up to 14 months without a host. However, the life cycle is much shorter if a host is present. During their life cycle, they need to feed on human blood and will die without a host. The temperature where a bedbug lives can influence its development. A temperature of 70 to 82degF is ideal for a bedbug to develop.

While bedbugs prefer to feed on a human, their bites are harmless to most humans. The bites are red, itchy and swollen. However, after a long time of exposure, the bites can become inflamed and painful.

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