Do Bed Bugs Always Leave Stains on Bedsheets?

If you are experiencing bedbug problems, you may be wondering, “Do bed bugs always leave stains?” It is quite possible that you are allergic to bedbug feces, but you can still identify the presence of these creatures by the stains on your bed linens. The stains may be red or brown, but most often they are tan or brown. These stains are caused by the droppings of bedbugs, which are filled with blood.

Bedbug feces looks like a rusty brown spot and is left behind by the insect after feeding. These stains will be more noticeable if the infestation is large. If you find these stains on your sheets, remove them and check for more stains on your mattress.

You can also check for bedbug droppings in wall crevices. However, a black stain on your wall is not a guarantee that you have a bed bug infestation. To be sure, you can do a smear test by rubbing a q-tip across the affected area. Alternatively, you can use a Bed Bug Blue kit. This kit contains a proprietary solution and Q-tips for detecting bedbug feces.

In addition to leaving bedbug feces, bed bugs also leave behind brown-red stains. The stains are typically very small and irregular in shape. Some are dot-shaped or splotchy, and some are even diffused to cover a wider area. Over time, these stains will fade to a lighter brown color.

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