Which Hotels Have Bed Bugs in New York City?

A new report by the pest-management company Pest Strategies has revealed which hotels in New York City are most likely to have bed bugs. The analysis took into account all-time complaints and the number of bug-related reviews received by the hotels between January 2018 and February 2020. Complaints that were not accompanied by photos were excluded from the analysis. Midtown’s Wellington Hotel ranked second among the worst, with 20 complaints overall.

To avoid becoming a victim of bed bugs in New York, check your room carefully. Look for bite marks and peel back bed pads. Also, check sheets for evidence of bed bugs. If you find evidence, contact the hotel management immediately. You can also avoid bedbug bites by keeping your luggage on a raised surface, at least six inches from the wall.

One hotel that is frequently visited by travelers is the Empire Hotel in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The hotel is known for its “chic bohemian vibes” and the feeling of exclusivity. However, bedbugs are not confined to New York City, and no hotel in the world is 100% immune to infestation. Its latest report of bedbug infestation dates back to March 2020.

As more people travel and stay in hotel rooms, the risk of bedbug infestation increases. The increase in tourists means that hotels have less time to clean rooms properly. In addition, they may not have the necessary staff to perform thorough cleanings.

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