Where to Check For Bed Bugs

If you suspect that your bed has bed bugs, the first step is to inspect your bedding. Look for small blood stains and black smudges. You can also look for white eggs, about one millimeter in length. In addition to the bed, you should check other areas of your room for the insects.

While bedbugs may not seem visible, they can be hiding in nightstands, lampshades, and bedside decor. They may also be in luggage. Make sure to check for the webbing around the frame, as well as in drawers. It is also best not to place luggage on the bed.

You can also check upholstered furniture and wooden furniture for signs of infestation. If you see any of these, remove the cushion covers. You may also see specks of blood near seams. In addition, bed bugs may leave behind their shell-like remains. This shell-like shell may be on your bed or on a cushion. Bed bugs also leave behind their excrement, which is often tiny black specks.

If you suspect an infestation, use a flashlight to look for evidence of the bugs. Bed bugs prefer warm places, so they tend to hide in mattresses and beds. You can also check your sheets for spots of blood on the seams and tufts. The corners of your bed are also a good place to look for them.

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