What Should I Do With My Clothes If I Have Bed Bugs?

If you find yourself with bedbugs in your clothes, you must wash them as quickly as possible. First, you must sort your clothes to make it easier to identify them. Separate your clothes by type, and put each category in its own plastic bag. This will help prevent bedbugs from moving from one piece of clothing to the next. Also, you must identify the washing instructions for each type of clothing. This will help you determine the correct temperature to wash and dry the items.

Then, you must place the bag with the clothing inside it and seal it tightly. Make sure that the plastic bag is not too thin or too thick so it will not tear easily. Make sure that all of your clothing is bagged, including socks, coats, and toques.

Washing clothes with hot water is a great way to kill bedbugs and control an infestation. If you have bedbugs in your house, make sure to wash all of your clothes and linens in hot water. When you’re done washing, make sure to transfer all of your laundry into the dryer on high heat for thirty minutes.

After you wash the clothes, you must dispose of them properly. You should not throw them into the washing machine because bedbugs can become airborne and fall from your clothes. If you have a washing machine, you can use regular detergent to remove the bedbugs. Make sure the temperature is at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and the cycle should be set for 30 minutes. After that, you should fold the clothes and check for bedbugs.

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