Why Are Bed Bugs Good?

While bedbugs used to be considered a rarity in many developed countries, they are now a common problem. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of infestations has increased in recent years, especially in Europe. This is due in part to the fact that bedbugs are difficult to kill, and they cannot climb smooth surfaces. Keeping your sheets tucked in is one of the best ways to prevent bedbug infestations.

In addition to preventing an infestation, you should also wash used clothing and furnishings. It is important to thoroughly inspect any used furniture before buying it, and to wash all used clothing and linens before returning them. Another way to prevent bedbugs is to use plastic covers for textiles, which will help keep them out of your room.

While bedbugs are not believed to carry any disease, they can be quite common in homes. They can be spread by used bedding and furniture, and can infest a home by being brought home by people or luggage. They may also be introduced by guests, so it’s advisable to inspect your home regularly.

It’s important to note that bedbugs feed primarily at night. However, they can also feed during the daytime if their host works night shifts. Moreover, bedbugs’ behavior can vary from person to person, and local conditions. This means that some people can be bitten over a long period of time and not even realize it.

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