What is the Best Thing to Use For Bed Bugs?

There are many methods of treating bedbugs, and one of the most common ones is using pesticides. You can buy a spray that kills bedbugs, or you can use a DIY pesticide. In any case, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you’re not comfortable using sprays, you can use an all-natural powder to kill bedbugs. Baking soda or diatomaceous earth can also work. These can be sprinkled on mattresses and bedding to kill bedbugs. However, these methods should be combined with other methods.

Another effective natural method of killing bedbugs is the use of borax. This common household chemical kills the bugs by suffocating them. The best way to apply borax to a mattress is to sprinkle it all over it. Unlike other pesticides, borax won’t kill the bed bugs directly, but it will suffocate them so they’re unable to breathe. The powder also dries up their bodies.

Another simple method of killing bed bugs is to use vacuum cleaners. Vacuuming furniture, bedding, box springs, and cracks can be effective. Once you’ve done this, dispose of the vacuum bag. If you suspect bed bugs in your home, you can also try to encase your mattress or box spring with a bed bug proof encasement. These fabric sacks have zippers so the bed bugs won’t be able to exit.

The best way to control a bedbug infestation is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. When you’re staying in a hotel, place your suitcase on the suitcase stand and be sure to wash your clothing after you arrive home. Also, take care to inspect used furniture carefully. Plastic covers can help prevent the insects from entering textiles.

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