Can You See Bed Bugs Without a Magnifying Glass?

Bedbugs can be difficult to see without a magnifying glass, but they’re not impossible to spot. They usually appear white, rusty red, or brown, depending on the species. The common bedbug doesn’t grow much longer than 0.2 inches, and an observant person can spot them easily. They usually hide in mattresses and bedding, where they can feed. Unlike other insects, bedbugs can’t see blue light, which makes them more visible to the naked eye.

A bedbug’s bite is easily identifiable if you can see blood stains. These are the excrement of the insect, which feeds on blood once a week. A musty smell might also be present if the infestation is severe. You can also notice molted skins, which are the eggs of the insect. Once you’ve found these signs, call a pest control company to have the area checked.

A good way to tell if you’re dealing with bed bugs is to check out the hot spots, or places where they are likely to be active. It’s best to use a magnifying glass or flashlight and a piece of white paper to make the area more visible. You can also use a cell phone camera or flashlight to get a better look at the bug. Just make sure to zoom in slowly so that you can make out the bug.

Besides beds, you should also look for cracks in drywall, and baseboards and trim. You should also check behind photos and other small objects. After that, move on to the next room and repeat the process. This way, you’ll have an idea of how far the infestation has spread before you begin cleaning.

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