How Can Bed Bugs Travel on Clothes?

One of the best ways to prevent bed bugs from spreading is to wash your clothes regularly. Using hot water will kill any bedbugs that may be on your clothes. You should also dry them thoroughly before storing them. After washing, store them in plastic bags or tightly closed containers. You should avoid bringing them on long journeys.

When you wash clothes, make sure to use a fabric-safe insecticide. Bugs love the warmth and the smell of your body. They are attracted to your sweat and carbon dioxide, so a dirty garment will attract them. It is also essential to store dirty clothes in plastic bags to reduce the scent.

Keeping your clothes in a clean environment will help prevent bedbugs from spreading throughout your home. Avoid leaving them on the floor. This will discourage them from using your clothes. If you wear clothes that are contaminated by bedbugs, shake them to loosen them. This will help get rid of larger bugs. However, it will not work for smaller ones. The smaller ones will hide near the seams and won’t be able to be removed easily.

If you are visiting someone’s home, avoid wearing clothes with lots of pockets and folds. You should also make sure to bring a clean change of clothes. Also, bring a big plastic trash bag with you. When you arrive at your friend’s home, take off your dirty clothes and change into fresh clothes. If you’re wearing the same clothes as the person you’re visiting, you should wash them in 140 degrees Fahrenheit and dry them in high heat.

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